Remote control sandblasting valve


14 July 2019


Repair Services & Maintenance

Remote control sandblasting valve

Companies or individuals who are seriously involved in blasting services in the field or in operation, make the most of idle, energy and abrasive use when stopping and starting the blasting process. There are solutions on the market with which you can achieve material savings but not human resources, because in these solutions you need to have with the operator the person who controls the blasting process.

Our solution saves you time and money and is a portable remote automated product and we are able to implement it into your existing systems. Once dosed, the ratio of abrasives in the air stream at the nozzle outlet will always be the same until you change the abrasive granulation no matter how much you have
stopping and starting the process. The remote control can be pneumatic or electrical, depending on your requirements and operating conditions. The automatic assembly can be basic or advanced. The base is controlled only by the valve, while the advanced is also controlled by the compressor, which gives you energy, time and personnel savings.