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    Custom made flexible couplings Ø40-Ø200


    14 July 2019


    Marine, Repair Services & Maintenance

    Custom made flexible couplings Ø40-Ø200

    Flexible couplings intended for transferring torque / power from main to driven machine.
    The advantage of these couplings is that they will ease the impact when starting and stopping the machine, long life and simple service.
    They also allow small radial, axial and axis deviations.

    Most commonly used for power transmissions at:

    - Hydraulic pumps
    - Water pumps
    - Fan
    - Electric generators
    - Various types of gear units
    - All types of electric motors

    They are standard in two materials, steel and aluminum.
    This couplings are NOT MADE from cast iron as with other manufacturers.
    There are also two versions of the flexible element (RED 98Sh-harder, YELLOW 92Sh-softer)
    Red is intended for steel clutches and higher impact loads while Yellow are intended for aluminum clutches and lower impact loads.
    The coupling are supplied as "blind", with no shaft bore and no keyway.
    Coupling bore are made according to your needs depending on the machine you are installing.

    If you want the coupler to be supplied with the bores and keyways for the key, this is also possible, in which case you must provide a drawing with the specified tolerances.

    Standard size couplings that can be ordered depending on the power of the drive unit:

    Ø40 -   up to 2.2KW        max. shaft Ø24
    Ø55 -   up to 4KW           max. shaft Ø32
    Ø65 -   up to 5.5KW        max. shaft Ø38
    Ø80 -   up to 11KW         max. shaft Ø45
    Ø95 -   up to 30KW         max. shaft Ø55
    Ø105 - up to 37KW         max. shaft Ø60
    Ø120 - up to 55KW         max. shaft Ø70
    Ø135 - up to 75KW         max. shaft Ø75
    Ø160 - up to 130KW       max. shaft Ø90
    Ø200 - up to 315KW       max. shaft Ø100

    Aluminum couplings can transfer 50% less power / torque than steel and are not made above Ø80mm.

    The coupling includes:

    - 2x half couplings
    - 1x shock absorber (Red or Yellow - Depends on Your Needs)


    If you have any question, feel free to contact us.