About Us

About Extreme Solutions

Croatian brand Extreme Solutions is developed out of enthusiasm and love for mechanical engineering 10 years ago. It was created in a small workshop in Split. Due to the market needs we have grown and became Extreme Solutions LTD.

Extreme Solutions is specialized in 3D modeling, designing, machining and development with leading CAD / CAM software tools.
Today market is more demanding and is in constant need for upgrading. Fast, precise production and delivery are mandatory. We are constantly improving our services and facilities. In addition to our primary service we offer 3D printing, welding and repair services and maintenances.

Our goal and vision is to become a leading company in custom made solutions, prototyping and in the production of special machine elements for various industries.  We can also deliver products for small-scale production in a short time.
The emphasis is on special products. Our slogan is "Where others stop, we begin."


SALONA - Performance cruiser
Trenton - Okus ciste prirode


The fully automated processes
means that production times are
cut dramatically

Effective Team Work

Pursue organizational solidity and press
on effective team-work

Quality Assurance

Ensure first and best of product quality
and service